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Staying healthy and feeling centered and strong is generally the spoken and unspoken goal of everyone. Everywhere you look, you see advice on exercise, diet, spiritual values and many other remedies for the body.  Some of the suggestions resonate with us, and some are easier to ignore. In our observation, the human psyche is prone to look for satisfactory results with the least amount of effort.  That is why you see trail shortcuts, a love of the “silver bullet” pharma model and fast food, to name a few examples.

But what happens when the aches and pains from daily activities appear?  Usually we ignore it, then we attempt to suppress it with painkillers, and finally, we seek help for conditions that interfere with our lifestyle. Help for painful conditions can appear in many forms, and, as mentioned earlier, we are inclined to look for shortcuts.  Maybe a cortisone shot from an MD…maybe some surgery…maybe ???

For the past 20 years, there has been a caregiver in the Roaring Fork Valley who provides a unique brand of treatment. His training is in the Chiropractic discipline, and he has gone to the highest education level offered as a Chiropractor.  In addition to the training, Dr. David Jensen offers a diagnostic and treatment skill that is unavailable anywhere else, and that is a highly tuned intuitive sense where he can simply observe the patient and determine what is needed for optimum healing. This is a rare skill and must be experienced to appreciate.  You then, as a patient, do not have to give much more than a general description of your issue for Dr. Dave to know how to approach treatments for you.  Your treatments may consist of chiropractic treatments, certain exercises, diet modifications or treatments by other therapists.  All of this is available at a reasonable cost, or via your health insurance plan.

Call the WIN Health Institute at 970-279-4099 today and experience this unique blend of care.

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