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Cranial Facial Release Treatments are now being offered by Dr Dave Jensen here at the WIN Health Institute. Cranial Facial Release or CFR is an advanced endo-nasal cranial technique that has been used quite successfully in the treatment of various neurological and structural disorders.

It is important to note that CFR is not directed at the treatment of any one specific disease or disorder.  It’s primary objective is to mobilize the cranial bones, unlock cranial fixations, open the breathing passageways, facilitate cerebral spinal fluid flow, increase vascular flow to and venous drainage from the cranium, and optimizes brain function.  This often times improves symptoms related to various neurological disorders.”

The objective of CFR technique is to induce mobility in the cranial system – specifically the sphenoid bone – with the purpose of facilitating normal cranial respiratory function. The technique is performed by inserting tiny balloons in the nose (specifically the naso pharynx) then quickly inflating them to mobilize the cranial bones. It feels very similar to the sensation experienced when one jumps into a swimming pool and gets water up their nose. The whole procedure takes about 2 to 3 seconds, and it consists a series of 4 treatments over a 7-10 day period.

Patients who seek CFR treatment are usually people who have been through the gamut and are looking for an alternative non-drug/non-surgical approach to wellness! Most of these people have suffered a great deal, and they are tired of being sick and drug-dependent.

Conditions That Respond Favorably to CFR Treatment

To understand how CFR works, it is important to know that the skull is NOT one solid bone. It is made up of 22 individual bones that join together and actually move every time you breathe. It is more of a flexion/extension type of movement, but each bone has its own specific direction of motion. This “cranial respiratory flexion/extension” is imperative to normal body function and to your overall health and well-being. In the hierarchy of the human body, brain function takes top priority. Sometimes these cranial movements are impaired and cause abnormal pressure on the brain. This impedes the flow of cerebral spinal fluid throughout the brain and spinal cord, which alters the function of the nervous system and directly affects normal body function.

Most disease processes start out as functional disorders – long term dysfunction eventually gives rise to disease. Our contention is that the majority of functional disorders in the body are either neurological or endocrine (hormonal-glandular) in nature, or both. These two systems comprise the complete control centers for the entire human body. The sphenoid bone is the primary structural component of this neuro-endocrine system. The Pituitary gland which is the “master gland”, sits right on top of the sphenoid bone in a little saddle called the “sella tursica”. Proper respiratory motion of the sphenoid bone is necessary for normal pituitary – hypothalamus function, as well as being responsible for the cranial meningeal system to pump cerebral spinal fluid throughout the brain and spinal cord. An aberration at this level has adverse somatic (musculo-skeletal) and visceral (organs) effects throughout the entire body, and recent research has shown this to be the root cause of many human diseases.

Aberrations of the cranial system are very common, and some of the different causes of cranial dysfunction may surprise you. Things like excessive force during the birth process causing cranial and/or cervical trauma, the use of forceps or suction extraction during delivery, innocent bumps on the head or face, conventional orthodontic procedures (i.e. braces), drug use, whiplash injuries, severe head trauma, etc. Cranial aberrations can be easily detected through CFR testing procedures, but there are cursory exams you can do at home – using a mirror, see if you can detect any facial asymmetries – such as one ear lobe being lower than the other, or one eye higher or wider than the other. Look for nostril asymmetries and nose deviations, or notice if your jaw is centered properly. Also see if it opens straight, or does it deviate to one side or the other when you open your mouth. All of these are indications of cranial problems which could eventually give rise to functional disorders and degenerative changes in your body.

Please contact our office to get details about costs and durations of CFR Treatments. Patients usually require 4-6 series of treatments over a six to eight month period to obtain optimum results.


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