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Dr. David Jensen – Chiropractor

Dr. David Jensen, chiropractor, WIN Health Institute

Dr David Jensen

Dr. Jensen received his chiropractic undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota with a focus on physiology and anatomy. While at the University, he practiced chiropractic care for over three years in the world famous Mayo Clinic Minneapolis Research Department.  Since the early years he has been interested in the combination of technology in modern medicine and the old world medical arts.Since spirituality was a central focus on his chiropractic education, Parker University in Dallas, Texas was his chiropractic education.  While in Dallas, he worked with many different athletes ranging from Pro Football, Volleyball, as well as many Olympic athletes.  This well rounded combination of athletes taught him how to appropriately mix the best of medicine with chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy methods to accelerate the healing of the human body.  This chiropractic education has not changed, but only advanced since he finished his Certified Extremity Practitioner level, as well as a Certified Sports Chiropractor.  This was finalized by his certificate of Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.  This is the highest sports credentialing of a Board Certified Chiropractor.

He has since built world class chiropractic Wellness Centers and Institutes of Health. In the 90’s it was MidValley Chiropractic and Wellness Center, and the Valley Wellness Centers.  Next came the WIN Health Institute and Aspen Diagnostics and Decompression. He has been featured in many different radio and TV productions nationwide as well as Aspen local.  He is featured in National Geographic’s new program called “Doomsday Preppers”.  He is also a co-author with his wife Dee called “The Thrival Theory- The Secret to WIN during Global Chaos!”

His latest business venture is www.MyRemedyShop.com where you can get the latest natural advice and get the best physician grade neutraceuticals.   He has been awarded the Chiropractor of the year by many different types of organizations over a few years time.  His chiropractic accomplishments within the profession are vast and endless while still working with society’s elite individuals as well as all top athletes.

Dr. Jensen’s modern chiropractic education, and use of the latest technology combined with his focus toward treating the whole person enables him to treat his patients effectively.

Dr. Dave's Family - Lexi and Dee Jensen

Lexi and Dee

But, given all of these things his daughter Lexi is his primary accomplishment in life.  His two favorite sayings are “Your Health is your Greatest Wealth!” and “We enjoy a Balanced Approach to Health”.  Come visit with Dr. Dave soon.