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Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society Points to Value of Chiropractic Care for Professional Athletes

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ – March 16, 2017 – As the 2017 Major League Baseball season quickly approaches, the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society (PBCS) highlights the important role of doctors of chiropractic (DCs) within a multidisciplinary team of health care providers for both professional and amateur athletes.

Rick Bishop DC, CCSP®, director, PBCS, points to the value that DCs bring to an integrative setting – their knowledge base and skill positively impact player health and performance. “The ability for DCs to communicate with the athletic trainers and health care staff, while knowing and performing their role to the best of their ability, is what ultimately allows the players to achieve the most effective and best outcome,” says Dr. Bishop.

“It is an honor that professional sports medicine personnel, our colleagues who work tirelessly to keep athletes on the field and performing optimally, recognize the value of chiropractic care.”

The Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society operates as a resource and reference point for the medical staffs serving professional teams. Additionally, the organization encourages heightened education, appropriate behavior, cooperation and compliance with the members of the team medical staff.

According to Alan Palmer, DC, CCST, assistant director, PBCS and team chiropractor, Arizona Diamondbacks, “The way that doctors of chiropractic interact with other allied health professionals reflects on the profession as a whole. Over the last 21 years that I have been working with professional teams, I have witnessed a growing acceptance of chiropractic as an official component of care for players.”

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress® (F4CP), the leading voice of the chiropractic profession, explains that DCs receive a minimum of seven years of higher level education, and are qualified to diagnose, treat and manage a broad spectrum of health conditions.

For athletes, chiropractic care helps to reduce the risk of injuries and improve health and performance through enhancements in range of motion, flexibility, balance, muscle strength and other key factors.

About Foundation for Chiropractic Progress® A not-for-profit organization, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress® (F4CP) informs and educates the general public about the value of chiropractic care.

This article was reproduced from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress for Dr. David Jensen.


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