Please welcome our new Acupuncturist, Daniel Poreda, M.S, L.Ac

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“I love my work, I care about my people, and am driven by a passion to eliminate suffering.”

Daniel Poreda is board certified and state licensed (NY, CO) in acupuncture and Chinese herbology. In 2010, he founded his private practice, Center Acupuncture, in New York City. Since then, his practice has grown to serve a diverse range of people, helping professional athletes and Mixed Martial Artists recover quickly and compete at the highest level; helping Broadway performers stay in performance; delivering stress and tension relief to the overworked, and helping people receive successful pregnancies and healthy deliveries. Allergies too, not a problem; who would have thought?

Dan’s acupuncture style incorporates tui na (acupressure massage) which yields better results and a higher quality treatment. His expertise includes TCM diagnostics and prescription of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. He is also a level 2 Reiki practitioner.

Dan’s first rendezvous with healing arts was becoming attuned to level 1 Reiki at age 16, followed by level 2 Reiki in adulthood. The desire to bring powerful healing and deepen his understanding and wield of Qi led Dan to learn acupuncture, completing a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine at Touro College in New York City. Post graduation, he traveled to Chengdu, China to continue his studies and deepen his clinical expertise at the Chengdu University of traditional Chinese Medicine in Sichuan Provence, China. He completed rounds in the acupuncture departments and in herbal medicine departments for digestive disorders, diabetes, neurology, oncology, gynecology, cardiology, respiratory disease, and dermatology. The focus of his residency was with Dr. Zhang Zhi Wen, internationally recognized master Wen Bing practitioner; Wen Bing , ”warm disease”, is a specialty practice that tends to treat a range of upper respiratory illness and febrile (fever) disease. People would come to Dr. Zhang Zhi Wen for herbal prescriptions to treat conditions from the common cold to advanced pulmonary fibrosis. Dan’s love for the mountains, snowboarding, and Colorado led him to the Roaring Fork Valley.



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